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 Yanlin Quest Victoria

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PostSubject: Yanlin Quest Victoria   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:09 pm

1.Go to Fishing village of China talk to the guard he will ask for a missing person.
2.Go to China and walk to the sea ull find a person there talk to it and itll join.
3.Go back to the guard and talk to it with the direction idiot. he will give u a certificate.
4.Go sail to Zheng He's fleet and battle 3 pirates. bring the certificate with you.
5.go inside the tent and go out again ull see the 2 guards are got down talk to them.
6.go down to the stairs then talk to the fallen guard and vic will battle.
7.Click the paper above.
8.Sail to the Ancient Yazhou City to the underground cave.
9.Defeat all the pirates and Victoria will Join.
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Yanlin Quest Victoria
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