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 Guidelines on making your WLO guild to last

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PostSubject: Guidelines on making your WLO guild to last   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:16 pm

A guild is an association where people where similar thoughts, passion and aims converge. An affiliate that similar ideas and philosophies are being shared to everyone.

I, being a member of some of the most powerful guilds in some other games, that even at this time, I am still a member. Even we changed games, one after the other, the bond and the cohesiveness is still evident throughout the years.

I listed down the factors, that you may/may not consider, but it's worth to share. These are the factors and guidelines how a guild last, not just on a single game, but in every game, that they even branch out.

Vision and Objective

First, and one of the most important factors in guild establishment. Ask yourself; Why do you want to make/establish a guild? Why do you want to join a guild? Are you going to be serious regarding the matter? What kind of people do you want for your guild? What are your goals/objectives? What are your short/mid/long term plans?

These questions does matter, in creating a guild, or joining a guild. Because if you're objectives are not clear, or you just not plain serious about what you are doing then you should back out from it.

Guilds who had clear visions and objectives about their guild, and their goals in the coming years, whether it's on Wonderland Online or other MMORPG's.

Codes and By-Laws

An association is nothing without any laws to govern it. Limits should be imposed to everyone, and there should be no exceptions.

Codes and by-laws are needed to be drafted by the guild master and the senior members. All members should abide and properly follow it. Most of the guilds in Wonderland Online don't have clear by-laws or worst, no laws at all regarding taking disciplinary actions of their "wacky" members.

Discipline is also the key for guild's longevity. And these codes and by-laws should do the thing. This also shows the character of the guild as a whole.

Guild Hierarchy

A guild should know who their superiors are. Their roles and their specific functions on the affiliation. It is up to the guild master who's who, and which is which.

The guild master must and have to listen to the guild's needs and griefs. And it's up to him/her to fill the gap. He/She must be the law, always had the final "say", the obelisk of power, and the stature of character, and he/she should know anything regarding the state of the guild relations, and decides what to do, and what's not.

Bottom Line

Whether your aim regarding your guild, either good or bad, is still down to leadership and the willingness of the guild members to follow. It is a gigantic and monumental task to make a guild last for years, as what my first online guild, "Creatures Nocturna" did 5 years ago, and until now, still alive and dominating.

Creating a guild is an easy one, but making it a formidable force to a game where power means respect is another.

Have a Vicky-free Summer!
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Guidelines on making your WLO guild to last
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